Raeesah Khan is starting something new

Learning to love myself

Recently I’ve realized that I give too much love to the people around me and forgetting to love the most important person, me.

Yes it may sound narcissistic but at the end of the day, we’re all alone. The essence of our being, the very core of ourselves, is not accessible by anyone. This is the part we need to start paying attention to. This is the part that needs the most attention and love.

I thought that I’d need someone to be there, a companion or partner to share my thoughts and struggles with. I forgot how much inner strength I have and realized that I’d stopped loving myself.

Lost by putting all my love in other things, in someone else.

So I’ve started falling in love with myself again. It’s hard work and takes time, but I’m getting there.

When I do eventually find a partner, I’d know that I don’t need their love but that their love complements the affection that I have for myself. That when I tell people I love them I remind myself that it should not take away the love I have for myself.


Tangier and Rabat

We’ve rented a car (Khan family holiday tradition) and have set out to road trip around morocco.
Driving in the city is stressful and at times quite dangerous. If you’re not a seasoned travelled driver I do not recommend it.

Day 3 was mostly spent traveling from Casablanca and Tangier.
Tangier is a charming town on the tip of morocco.
Standing on the shore with Spain on the other side and a ferry ride away is incredible but also a little sad. Spain would be amazing but I guess a visit has to wait.

After tangier we travelled to Rabat. Rabat is truly spectacular. In the middle of the city there’s a gate and as you enter it, you’re brought into a labyrinth of houses connected by small streets and alleyways.
The walls are colored blue to deter mosquitoes but it also provides a calming and rustic charm.
If you find yourself in Rabat, a visit to Chellah is definitely a must. To navigate the labyrinth however, you’ll need a guide and they do not come cheap.




From Rabat we made our way to Meknes. In Meknes we’re staying in a Riad. Riads are beautiful boutique hotels located in old buildings such as forts and is something you have to experience at least once when visiting morocco.
They’re traditional and the decor is extremely tastefully done.

(Couch in our room)

We’ve arrived in Meknes late so that adventure will have to wait till daylight!


Today we immersed ourselves in Morocco’s largest city, Casablanca.

Our first stop was the beautiful Hassan mosque. It cemented my belief that religion creates stunning architectural structures.

We then headed to the seaside which is frequented by trendy youths and the wealthy elites of Casablanca. Cafés have names like Malibu and Tahiti showing the extent of American influence, even in an islamic, North African region.

Our next stop was a street market. This is where Moroccan culture really comes alive. There were little shops filled with intricate wooden crafts, handmade carpets, paintings and leather goods.

We ended our day in typical Moroccan fashion, mint tea and croissants.



(Our hotel breakfast area)

Travels Begin!


On a 12 hour flight to Milan and all I can think is, thank heavens for my dad’s miles.

How am I supposed to return to the peasant life when I’ve tasted the pinnacle of luxury! I would have taken a picture of our seats and amazing food (for an airplane) but that would give my peasant status away and the surrounding royalty might scorn me with their haughty looks or worse, put me back in economy.

We’re heading to Milan for a connecting flight to Morocco. Which is where the adventure truly begins. 20 days of khan family time. Let’s hope we survive relatively unscathed mentally.

I’m (despite my earlier comment) truly blessed with the most wonderful parents and a best friend who so happens to be my handsome little brother.

I’ll try to write a blog a day. Not only to share my adventures with anyone who would listen but also to have a concrete preservation of my memories.

(Oh god the Moroccans are going to hate me)

Hugging it out

A true friend is someone who makes you grumpier than you already are (it was past my bedtime), let you scream at him and doesn’t get angry.

And someone who accepts your apology and hug when you shuffle shamefully to his room afterwards.

5km a day doesn’t get you very far quickly enough

Woke up at 4 am and my body refuses return to the beautiful world of slumber.

So I end up scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and I encounter a picture of a poll with signs pointing to the direction and distance of different countries.

And that gave me and idea.
If I ran an average of 5km each day I could reach Singapore! I would be able to document it on the blog, maybe start a fundraiser and at the end feel like I’ve accomplished something amazing.
Before I committed fully to the idea, mind you at 4 am and being sleep deprived I’d commit to anything even remotely exciting (a couple of days ago I decided I was going to see how high I could count before I fell asleep), I did the math.

It would take me about 1 year and 5 months to accomplish such a feat!

With that information I did what any logical person would do, give up and watch vine videos until the sun decides to appear.


It has been brought to the future General Secretary’s attention that this week is fat shaming week.

What a big step for society! We have a whole week dedicated to making women feel like crap about themselves. As if we need more negative body image issues thrown at us.

For those of you who don’t know what fat shaming is, check out urbandictionary.com. While you’re there look up Raeesah, it’s pretty funny.

The biggest problem I have with fat shaming is that it’s not equally offensive. Why is the bullying targeted towards women? Why do men not receive the same abuse?

If you want to call me fat (and I have had that pleasant experience), it is only fair to point out the same in my male counterpart.

Maybe I’m just being bitter.


Conversations with my family

Surprise! Raeesah has a blog. Let’s see how long I can stick with this. 

So I’m starting blog in the most unconventional way possible. Not starting with why I’m starting the blog or an eloquent and witty introduction. No post about how I hope to publish atleast one post a week. Lets be real guys. 

So a few days ago I asked my family an extremely cliche question. 

“What’s one piece of advice you can give? ” This was the response, 

Mom: honesty came to mind

Little bro: Is it about a boy? 

Dad: Be what you want to be 

The movie watching person in me expected a life changing response.